I’d Get it One Piece at a Time…

Good ol JR Cash sure knew how to speak to the American way of life and “One Piece at a Time” is one of the many great classics from the Man in Black himself.  For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the song, it tells a humorous story of a Cadillac factory worker who desires one of the very cars that he helps produce.  Unattainable with his blue-collar salary, he conjures up a plan to steal parts one at a time and build the car himself at home.  Things are fine until he tries to put it all together and realizes his parts span a 25 year production period.  With help from his friend, however, they produce a complete car and prove that a little redneck ingenuity can indeed go a long way.

So what in the world does this have to do with off-road vehicles?

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Legal Wheeling in North Carolina

Nationally, our sport has come under fire in recent years as irresponsible off-roaders have cast a bad name on OHV use from such actions as trespassing and the physical destruction of property.  These actions are dangerous not only to the participants but also to the future of OHV activity as a whole.  What has resulted is tightened regulations and even closure of our already limited OHV areas.

Groups such as Tread Lightly and the Blue Ribbon Coalition have done a great job of teaching and promoting responsible OHV use and they work endlessly to keep our OHV areas open to the public.  As purveyors of the sport, we at Offroad NC want to ensure that the future generations of North Carolinians get to share in our wonderful off-road experiences and hopefully have even more areas where they can legally and responsibly enjoy their off-road vehicles.  Below we have assembled a list of legal wheeling locations here in North Carolina.  I believe the list is fairly comprehensive but if there are any areas that we missed feel free to email us and we will add them in.

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Product Spotlight: Yeti Rambler

We’ve all been there…

You set out for a day of wheeling and fill up a jug of water to stay hydrated while out on the trail.  Your jug sits there in the console (or rolls around on the passenger floorboard) for a few hours while you focus on the morning coffee, your beef jerky “breakfast”, and whether or not you remembered to pack the camera.  Upon arriving at the trailhead, you air down and hit the trails, too excited to worry about much else.  The first trail gets your blood pumping and by the time you stop at a clearing you realize you actually are thirsty.  You take a swig from your trusty old water bottle and immediately spit it back up because the water is as warm as the oil running through your engine.  Well, ladies and gents, it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Greetings from Offroad NC

We at Offroad NC are a group of folks from the Old North State who are dedicated to the OHV lifestyle.  We come in many shapes and sizes.  Some are rockcrawlers.  Some are overlanders.  Some are Jeepers.  Some are Yota enthusiasts.  Some are old.  Some are young.  Yet, through all of our differences, we share one common bond: the desire to experience the great outdoors from the seats of our off-highway vehicles.

Join us as we explore the reaches of our great state…and beyond.