Our Mission

When I started Offroad NC over two years ago, I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into.  I had been part of the offroad community for a little over a decade at that time and a general outdoorsman for about twice that.  I wanted to create an online environment where people in the area could learn about the opportunities available in this great state of ours but I wasn’t sure what that meant – should I start a forum?  Should I focus solely on social media?  Should I start a new offroad club?  The questions were endless and my focus wasn’t yet defined.

Fast forward to current day and Offroad NC has grown like I would have never imagined.  We have built a strong online presence, a solid reputation within the community, and we have been blessed with the support of some of the industry’s finest companies as sponsors.  Further, and perhaps most importantly, our mission has become clear – above all, we are an outreach function.

Offroad NC is a small collection of individuals with an extensive background in the offroad community.  We are not an offroad club.  We wanted our message, and impact, to be farther reaching.

Our mission is simple – we want to inspire, educate, and create a better future.


We are not an elitist bunch.  We don’t bash people for what they do, or do not, drive.  We don’t have $50,000 trucks with $25,000 of parts on them.  We don’t claim that overlanding requires cross-continent travel or that rock-crawling requires one tons and 42 inch tires.  We want you to realize something – this sport is easily attainable, you just have to go do it.  Please follow us and watch our videos – they just might motivate you to take the next step.


If you have questions, that is fine.  We all do!  Use us as your resource!  Want to know a good spot to go this weekend?  Ask!  Want to know what recovery gear you should have on board?  Ask!  Let us be your guide.


As representatives of the offroad community, our goal is to demonstrate how to do things the right way.  We aim to be stewards of both the sport and of our state.  We follow basic rules and guidelines that will help keep our offroad trails open and hopefully will help change the public perception of offroaders in a positive manner.  Remember: tread lightly; pack it in, pack it out; stay on designated routes; be cognizant of and stay clear of private property; go prepared; and always leave the area better than you found it.  These are basic premises that, if followed, will create a better future for the next generation of offroaders.

Inspire, educate, and create.  It took two years to hammer that out but, with your help, it could make a difference that lasts a lifetime.  Thanks for following along and with any luck we will see you on the trail.