What is Adventure?

Offroading is an extremely broad term that includes a wide variety of recreational activities:  overlanding, rockcrawling, rockbouncing, desert racing, hill climbs, dune bashing, the list goes on…

At the core of all types of offroading, however, is the sense of adventure.  But what is adventure?  

Clay Croft, founder of Expedition Overland, defines adventure as “the respectful pursuit of trouble.”  Merriam-Webster’s definition is a little more generic, stating that adventure is “an exciting or remarkable experience.”  At Offroad NC, we like to think the true definition of adventure is somewhere in the middle – let’s say “adventure is the pursuit of an exciting experience.”

Sure, adventure brings with it certain risks which can lead to trouble.  However, trouble is not the goal.  We don’t pursue trouble but, rather, do our best to mitigate it.  We pursue an experience, hopefully exciting but not always remarkable.  In fact, I think pursuing something remarkable can have unintended consequences and lead to being in over your head.

At Offroad NC, we believe in just getting out there and doing it.  Whatever style of offroading you choose, just go do it.  Be responsible, plan, know your limits, sure…but go do it.  Adventure doesn’t have to be grandiose but it does require taking the first step.  We challenge you to find what excites you and make it happen.  Whether that is a cross-country trek or just an overnight outing at a state park, pack your vehicle and hit the road.  Adventure is attainable, and sometimes it is just right around the corner.

Stay safe and happy trails, yall.