Offroad NC’s 2016 Christmas Gift Guide

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at the Offroad NC HQ.  Trees are trimmed, stockings are stuffed, and the eggnog is poured.  There is always room for one more gift, though.  I’ve assembled a list of my favorite gift ideas for 2016.  Get em before Santa comes!

  • Blue Ridge Overland Gear Tactical Beard Tamer Bag

    Let’s face it, beards are everywhere these days.  21tbt-7Don’t let those follicles get out of control when your relatives come to town…keep them in line with the help of Blue Ridge Overland Gear!
    This nifty toiletry kit is made of the same material as truck tarps so it is easy to clean and basically waterproof.  It is also MOLLE compatible so you can expand it with additional pouches if you so desire.  House all of your essentials and keep your hygiene in check this Christmas!  $34 from BROG.

  • Hydroflask 64oz Growler

    “Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” – Benjamin Franklin.  hydroflask-64oz-growler-4What better way to celebrate the birth of His son than with 64 ounces of cold frosty goodness?  The Hydroflask growler will keep your tasty beverage nice and cold for hours and the colored powdercoat finish looks good to boot.  What a lifesaver to bring with you to the family Christmas dinner!  $65 from Hydroflask.

  • Delorme Inreach SE

    Go off the grid with the confidence of knowing you can find your way back to it.  This ingenious little device packs a PLB, GPS, and 2-way text messenger all into one compact unit.  dsc08982Explore with the confidence of knowing you can reach your loved ones back home – even without cell service.  It also packs a “SOS” feature that uses satellite communication to alert local authorities if you get injured or are in over your head.  With the ability to pay for service only when you need it, this is a no-brainer.  $300 from REI.

  • ARB Camp Chair

    One of the tried and true pieces from ARB.  arbcampchairThis chair has served thousands of folks well over years of use and continues to be the gold standard of camp chairs.
    It is just a simple chair but it is made extremely well and sits great.  One of the highlights of pulling off the trail is knowing I have one to plop my butt down in.  $50 from Quadratec.

  • Krazy Beaver Tools Shovel

    I have to admit – when I first saw this shovel online I thought it was cheesy and a gimmick.img_4065_large  After handling one at Overland Expo East, however, I was singing a different tune.  The Murder Spork is clearly made of better components than your typical home improvement store shovel and the head is extremely thick in comparison.  A high quality, made-in-the-USA product is one that I can certainly get behind.  $60 from northridge4x4.

  • Trasharoo Spare Tire Trash Bag

    Tread lightly isn’t just a slogan – it istrasharoo a necessity.  Our trails and parks are always in danger of being shut down and it is our responsibility to do what we can to help prevent that from happening.  Packing out what you brought in, and what others left, is an easy way to contribute to sustainable OHV usage.  Extremely durable and MOLLE compatible for expansion pouches, this bag is a mainstay on the back of my XJ on every trip.  $45 from AllThingsJeep.

I want to thank all of you for following along with us this year and I look forward to sharing more adventures with you in 2017.  Stay tuned for upcoming articles and videos!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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