Because an Extra Inch Matters

Dear Lord, will you get your mind out of the gutter?!?  We’re talking suspensions here!

In all seriousness, we would like to sincerely apologize for the extended hiatus.  We have been growing tremendously on Instagram and our social media accounts and between Jeepin and life just haven’t had a lot of time to write articles.  Please forgive us.

As you may very well know, one of the vehicles in the fleet is a 2014 Jeep JKU.  It’s a solid vehicle.  Part traditional Jeep, part modern vehicle, all-around decent.  With the influx of soccer moms and guys who own too much “TAPOUT” gear into our world, however, it becomes necessary to upgrade the JK so as to not be confused with someone who used to drive a reversed-rake Ford Ranger that they referred to as their “prerunner.”

As it comes from the factory, the JK just has too much forward rake.  Granted, it is probably pretty similar to a lot of other Jeeps in years past but the extended length of the Unlimited exaggerates the slant.  The same problem was present on the LJ of 2004-2006.  Please see below:


Seeing as how the TJ is the toy of the fleet and the XJ is the overland vehicle, the JK really does not have to be overly-built.  It’s purpose could very well be replaced by a Grand Cherokee or, dare we say, a 4Runner.  Relatively reliable, comfortable for groups, and still able to get us to the weekend’s camping spot.  Thus, a $2,000 Currie suspension just wasn’t in the cards.  Enter the Teraflex leveling kit:


Affectionately dubbed a “Budget Boost,” the Teraflex kit comes with just enough to give your Jeep some altitude, thus helping it’s attitude, without wrecking your wallet or requiring tons of extra parts to get it done right.  Poly spacers sit atop your coil springs thus increasing the distance between your axle and frame.  Aka, you are now lifted.  The kit is somewhat modular as you can install both front spacers and rear spacers for a 2″ front, 1″ rear lift (thus leveling the Jeep) or if you don’t want that much height you can just install one pair of the front spacers for a 1″ front and 0″ rear lift.  The kit also includes longer front swaybar links to help correct the angle of the swaybar caused by the new height.  Factory shocks and springs are retained so the kit does not have an effect on your ride quality at all.

Teraflex’s instructions are somewhat weak.  They have a video on YouTube (link below) that is more detailed but also includes several unnecessary steps.

Here is the reality of it.  You need to unbolt your brake line brackets to allow for enough droop to get the springs in and out safely.  Unbolting the swaybar links front and rear also helps.  You do NOT need to unbolt trackbars, control arms, steering components, or driveshafts.  For the rear, it is easiest to insert the spacer, place something between the spacer and the axle (we used the support arm from an extra jackstand), and just jack up the axle assembly until the spacer pops into it’s home.  That is about it.  Remove stock parts, add spacers, reinstall stock parts.  Oh, and, when you are done, adjust the centering of the steering wheel by rotating the coupler arm on the draglink.  Boom.  You got yourself a lifted Jeep.

Here is the obligatory Before and After pic:


As you can see, an inch (or two) really does make all the difference.  Next up…bigger shoes.

Happy Trails!

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